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 Welcome to KISS!   I am really glad you are here. For your sake and selfishly, for mine too!  By having you here, it raises my game and keeps me honest as I live & love the KISS lifestyle. 

This is home base for me. This is where I unabashedly share my journey as I maneuver life & love following the Keep It Simple, Silly philosophy.  As a shrink, I can so easily tailspin into psychoanalyzing literally everything!  But I have made myself and my loved ones a promise to drop the doctor hat and live in the NOW!  I have found that ascribing to the KISS principle has made my life easier, gentler, and more FUN!

Through this personal blog, I want to inspire you all to be living your best life possible...of course, laughing all the way.  If you can find the humor in all that surrounds you and happily go laughing through life, things can become super fun!


In my blog and my Facebook posts, I share my own experiences from the DR. STEFANIE perspective and then the KISS STEFANIE perspective. My hope is to make you laugh and also to help you live your own KISS life. I have never been happier, more grounded, and surrounded by high vibe people.

Life really is meant to be fun and full of joy.   Sure, we all go through tough times. It is part of the human experience.  The hope is to increase the amount of time we are happy and minimize the time we are not.  I have found (for myself and my clients) that when we get stuck, we often can bring ourselves back to a happier place by keeping things really SIMPLE. Think about how happy kids are. So full of energy, eagerness, exhilaration. I guarantee you they are living the KISS way.


I am open to answering questions you may have on just about anything. As a shrink/coach for the past 15 years, I have heard it all!


*All topics are encouraged and explored here.

*Be kind to one another.

*This site is not intended to replace legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric services.

*If you have an emergency, please contact your local emergency service providers.



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 Disclaimer: All content posted by Dr. Stefanie is in no way meant to  replace medical, financial, or legal advice. For all emergency issues,  please contact your local emergency services.