Hi KISS'ers!

My name is Dr. Stefanie Kleine. As a Doctor of Psychology and Life/Business Coach for 15 years, people assume I have  all the answers. And a lot of times, I do (for everyone else). When it comes to my own personal life, it takes effort to fight the urge to psychoanalyze & fix everything! 


I am madly in love with my boyfriend and for the first time ever, I am learning to live and love, without my shrink hat permanently attached to my head. The KEEP IT SIMPLE  SILLY (I refuse to use "stupid") mantra has helped a lot. I am now able to laugh through life, no matter the curve balls it throws me. 

This page is meant to be a fun place to share as I maneuver life & love the KISS way. Join me, wish me luck, and in the meantime... Keep It Simple Silly!

PS:  If you want to ask a question of your own, send me a private message. I  will do my best to answer questions as they arrive. And of course, I will keep your identity 100%  confidential. 

*All topics are encouraged and explored here.
*Be kind to one another.
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